“Peace at last”-the last coherent thought he could form before removing the syringe from his forearm. As the dim lights blurred, he felt an embracing warmth. The slow music faded, its origin incomprehensible, as if it were playing in his mind. The lights began to spin in an eccentric pattern. He was happy in this […]

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Adam’s heart was racing as tears streamed down his face. He couldn’t stop the tumult of memories plaguing his mind, memories he thought were meant to be cherished forever. He felt suffocated, as if the four walls of his room were collapsing upon him. He decided to go out for a walk hoping that the […]

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He woke up as soon as the first sunrays illuminated his eyelids. The darkness had gone. Time to wake up. Unlike other days he didn’t want to grab an extra few minutes which ultimately accumulated into a couple of hours of oblivion. So, ignoring the alluring comfort of his fluffy bed, he embraced the new […]

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Heaven I had found Its beauty profound Basked in its glory Its splendour felt holy Alas! I couldn’t see The illusion created thee The veil parted,macabre revealed Heavens burned,charring me Into the caverns of hell I fell Where evil and darkness dwell It’s satan my betrayer Peeled my flesh layer by layer My soul destroyed,about […]

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