A young man sitting alone by the water

He woke up as soon as the first sunrays illuminated his eyelids. The darkness had gone. Time to wake up. Unlike other days he didn’t want to grab an extra few minutes which ultimately accumulated into a couple of hours of oblivion. So, ignoring the alluring comfort of his fluffy bed, he embraced the new day. The sun seemed brighter than usual.  After brushing his teeth he sat down at the dining table for breakfast.

His mother’s face lit up as she saw the content look on his face instead of the usual despondent and taciturn cloud looming over him. She couldn’t bear loneliness and rejection eating away her beloved child from within.

He could not make friends even if he wanted to. Not too bright in academics, not good in sports, terribly lacking social skills he was the backbencher who got the whole bench to himself, the lone observer on the football ground longing to be wanted, accepted, not subject to a blind eye or a deaf ear.

“I have found a friend”, he said as his mother put bread and a sizzling hot bowl of soup in front of him. She was relieved and thankful to god as she couldn’t see her child suffering the slightest of miseries.

After completing his breakfast, he went to his room to get ready for school. Putting on the shirt he looked at the mirror and his face split into a resplendent smile. “This is the only friend I need”, he thought to himself as he walked out of the room, his head high, determined, resilient and strong.


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