Adam’s heart was racing as tears streamed down his face. He couldn’t stop the tumult of memories plaguing his mind, memories he thought were meant to be cherished forever. He felt suffocated, as if the four walls of his room were collapsing upon him. He decided to go out for a walk hoping that the chilly night air would calm him. He walked a lonely road contemplating about what his life amounted to. He felt as if his life ceased to be meaningful, all because of her absence. All because she could not give him a second chance. He wished he had the ability to stop feeling, to not be infected by this whirlwind of sadness. At that moment he saw another man on the other side of the road pass him by and thought to himself maybe he was another lonely soul who wanted respite from all his pain and sadness.

Brian, staring far into the distant light on the desolate road was pondering about how vastly he had changed. From a sensitive funny charmer to an impassive withdrawn stone. He lost his wife and only child in a plane crash when they were coming to pay him a surprise visit on his birthday. His life was uprooted by an aberration in normalcy, an unprecedented bird strike. The shock was too intense for him to even shed a tear. He somehow blocked it all, bottled up deep inside of him as he lives a lifeless life. At that point of time, all he wished for was to feel, to realize the pain, to be human and mourn, as is the natural course.

While some of us curse this world from the weight of all the pain we bear, there are some who have faced so much that they would give anything to feel pain, to grasp onto the minuscucle fragments  of humane feeling. Such is the relativity of lives.


2 thoughts on “RELATIVITY

  1. At some points of our lives we all have to face harsh reality. Some stoically bear with them thinking of the futility of grieving and some break down


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